Gods Of Apollo

Gods of Apollo is my debut album, set for release in July 2019 on Ubuntu Music. Featuring myself, Rob Luft, Elliot Galvin and Jon Ormston, the album using archival NASA audio and travels from the first man made satellites in 1957 through to the final moon landing in 1972. Recorded at Crown Lane Studio in Morden by John Merriman, this is a adventure not to be missed. Find out more and Buy Now (opens on Bandcamp).

Matt Robert’s BigISH Band

The band pay tribute to legendary composers and features Matt’s arrangements played by an all-star cast of London jazz heavyweights…

Andy Scott + Group S

Andy’s musical aim with Group S is to feature the classical/contemporary musician as equally as the improvising musician, to write for specific musicians, explore solo and ensemble colours and textures, and to try and develop my own writing over time.


soundSPARK is an innovative and creative woodwind quartet, delivering exciting performances in unusual locations, alongside interactive workshops to inspire young people and their families within the local community.

Engines Orchesta 

he Engines Orchestra (eO) makes sounds that defy conventions. Uniting London’s most adventurous young classical, jazz, world and folk musicians we’re a community working closely with other artists to push the boundaries and develop audiences for groundbreaking, new music.

Richard Turner: A Life In Music

Richard Turner: A Life in Music is a documentary film made by Rob. Richard Turner died tragically and suddenly in 2011. In this film, set for release in April 2019, Rob documents Richard’s life from the perspective of his friends, family and peers to try and discover what made Richard such a unique musician.