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Much like Harry Potter’s wand, the instrument often chooses the student. If you don’t already play an instrument then trying a few in a consultation can be a great start.


Some say the King of all instruments. Needs fine motor skills and coordination to play, the most thorough musical education comes from this instrument..


A beautiful sounding instrument, can be a challenge to produce a sound but closed holes make the finger work easy.


Easy to play, quite loud! Excellent if you have a lot of core strength.


Fun to play, requires good dexterity in order to cover the keys as it has an open holed design.


 Here’s what others say:

Its a lot more than just teaching, you get to know Rob and he creates a bond that’s helped me learn the piano.

Mariella W.

Age 11

Rob has infectious enthusiasm and unending patience. He makes the lessons enjoyable and tailors them to the type of music that I want to play. He explains theory and techniques very clearly and is always positive and encouraging. Top guy!

Jeremy Parkes

Age 55

If you’re interested in learning a musical instrument then Rob is the one to go to.

Kate W.

Age 10

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